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About us was established in 2002 merging two highly experienced companies in the web and network sector.  The two companies, and SMS, had been working together for many years on developing solutions for the school environment but soon expanded offering internet solutions, web managements systems, bandwith management software and other products developed and produced by both companies.  We got our start in the field of computer consultation and servicing in 1995 and have been expanding our talents since then in the field of website design and consultation, network management and maintainance, payment solutions and other related projects..

Our main consulting work is done in the support of many small and medium sized companies among government departments and ministries. Our database design work has been recognized by many companies throughout the country that are using a product we designed. Our largest website work has come from the development of a complete ordering and shopping network through the Ministry of Health for icelandic health clinics and hospitals around the country.  We also work closely with the Ministry of Education and supply schools with software, translated by us, and are designing and producing special applications for them to work with.

We are constantly open to new ideas and oprotunities and are open minded to any suggestions.  For further information, please contact us: internetlausnir ehf. | Sími: 534 4900 |